Trading with the Healthcare Act


Many people are annoyed about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, but did you know that it is helping certain people to earn a lot of money? What’s more, you can use this knowledge to help yourself earn more money, too. Yes, there have been a lot of bumps along the road as “Obamacare” has been implemented, and regardless of whether or not you like the law, there are certain elements of it that you can use to your benefit.

For example, according to, there are many companies making a lot of money off this law and its repercussions. Investing in them could be a very lucrative idea if things continue in the route they currently are headed. For example, Eligible–a company launched in 2011–aims at handling insurance and coverage questions. It’s basically a company dedicated to health insurance customer service. This isn’t a huge company by any means, but there is potential for it to get there. They grew their customer base by 800 percent in the span of just a few months as it was becoming apparent that the Affordable Care Act was not going to just go away right before the implementation of it.

These small companies are likely never going to be traded as binary options. They are not big enough, nor are they popular enough to make the select list of assets that binary options brokers will cover. At most, a major brokerage will only cover 60 or 70 different stocks from around the world. Still, looking at trends within the stock market–especially within a certain industry or sector– will be lucrative when you apply the knowledge to those assets that are covered by binary brokers.

How do you do this? First, look at the reasons why these companies are doing so well. What services are they providing that no one else is? Now look at the major companies that are traded as binary options. Who is offering something similar, or might offer something like it in the future? The industry is pretty easy to identify–it’s the medical services and this falls within the healthcare sector. Not every company here is going to profit, obviously, but many of them will pick up on this new business model and adopt parts of it as their own. When they do so successfully, expect stock prices to increase. This is where being a savvy trader comes in. You need to be researching these companies and identifying if and when these events are taking place. Even if the companies that you are looking at do not take on these particular traits, there will likely be other things that you spot that you can use to find money making opportunities for yourself. This is part of what being a good trader is, and the more knowledge that you have of a company or set of companies, the better equipped you will be to make money. And the beauty of binary options is that you can also make big profits when the companies you are looking at make bad business moves, too, because of the equal access that you have to both call and put binary options.

Binary options present a great opportunity, but they are certainly not complete in what they offer. There are actually only a very few stocks offered by most brokers. For most people this is fine as they only want to trade the very big names such as Facebook, Microsoft, and GE. But there are thousands of money making opportunities out there for the smart trader. Being able to identify these things, and then applying them in several settings will ultimately be your best course of action. Using binaries, stocks, and traditional options in conjunction can be a very good idea if you are smart about it.